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                                         About Us

Taylor Made ​Danes is ran by me, Amanda, and my husband, Auren.  

We are committed to doing everything right and raising healthy puppies.  

We are not commercial breeders. We have one male, Tucker, and one female, Jade. Tucker is a Harlequin and the biggest baby you will ever meet. He thinks it's his job when we take him out anywhere to personally greet every single person he sees. He is 66% Euro. Jade takes a little while to warm up to strangers but she is very sweet and has amazing mothering instincts. When she isn't taking care of her own babies, she's cleaning up the kittens. She is very gentle and sweet. 

Our dogs enjoy spending most of their day either lounging on the couch or on their bed on the floor and they also have 8 acres to play and run on, and a pond to swim and play in. 

If you have never personally known a Great Dane you are missing out! They are dignified, regal, possibly even intimidating looking but they can be big clumsy oafs who would rather sit on your lap than bark at you. They are patient, loyal, gentle despite their large size, and possibly one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. However, they form very close, tight bonds with their humans and can be very effective guardians. The deep bark and size alone would be enough to make someone think twice. They are very good with kids and other animals.

As great as Great Danes are, so many still end up in shelters or in bad homes because they aren't suitable for everybody. These dogs get BIG. They have tails that sweep things off coffee tables. They drool a lot. They eat a lot. They can take up a lot of space and they have their own health issues you need to be aware of. Their life span is typically shorter than most breeds.

It is our goal and our hope that each puppy we have is placed in the perfect home and that's where they live the remainder of their lives. 

To meet that goal we will often ask questions to interested buyers to get to know them and their family, to see if they are aware of the health concerns regarding Danes. We also have contracts regarding spaying and neutering, what happens in the event of the dog needing to be rehomed, etc. We do not sell puppies on a "first-come, first-served" basis. 

Please do some research before deciding to get a Dane. Browse our site and check back for puppy updates. We only plan on breeding once a year. If you are interested in a future pup or a current puppy please email me. We accept deposits and payments.    


Our Dogs


Atlas. Our future breeding sire, as long as he passes all his tests.

Our female, Macy. She will be tested and paired with Atlas. Such a sweet, goofy girl.

Every litter we will donate one puppy to either a veteran, first responder, firefighter, police, etc. We strongly feel that these huge dogs do so much to help people. Danes are very in-tune with the emotional state of their person and they are so smart. If you are interested in being considered just send us an email or give us a call.

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