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Dog Care

We get your puppy off to the best start possible

Our puppies are dewormed every two weeks starting at two weeks of age. They are bathed as needed, get their vaccinations at eight weeks of age and microchips at that time also. When they leave to go to their new homes the new owner gets a folder containing all records for the puppy, AKC paperwork, vet receipts, a blanket with the littermates scent, a bag of dog food and a toy. 

We urge new owners to get their puppy registered with AKC before the puppy is a year old. Registering your puppy will include 30 days of free pet insurance and the AKC website offers lots of things for owners. You can also go online to the AKC site and update your dog's info, your contact info, register the microchip online with their AKC Reunite program, get training and health articles, and more.  

At any point we are more than happy to help new owners with issues they may have, whether it be housebreaking, behavior issues, etc. 

Our puppies are handled daily with lots of love and attention. They are raised inside our house and we start housetraining them with puppy pads and walking on a leash. 

We can provide recommendations for food, health care, etc but please remember that it is just a suggestion and what one breeder does may not work in all cases.

We do not feed our puppies any puppy food. We start them out on adult canned food mixed with goat milk then work up to dry adult Diamond Naturals. It is NOT advised to feed any dog a grain free diet because it has been shown to increase their heart size. Great Danes should not be on a high protein diet. You want to stay below 25% protein. If they get too much protein they can have issues with their joints. 

It is generally accepted practice to vaccinate at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. Rabies should be given at 6 months and a heartworm preventive should be started at 16 weeks. 

Great Danes are prone to stomach issues such as bloating and twisting. This can be prevented by feeding smaller meals throughout the day instead of one large meal or using a slow-feed bowl . You want to limit the exercise just before and after feeding. 

*When you get your puppy the microchip will either be in our name or the vet clinic's name. You need to go online and put your info in or else if your puppy gets lost the only owner info that will show up will be for us or the vet.* 

The Importance of Chipping

The purpose of microchipping is to protect your pet in the event that it becomes lost or stolen. When you get your puppy the information will be registered under our name so it is just as important for you to go to the website and register it in your name. We do keep records with contact info on each buyer so if something happened and we were the ones contacted we would be able to contact you, but it's easier if it's your information associated with the chip.  

We chip every puppy at no charge to the buyer, but please remember to get it switched over to your name. The instructions for that is included with the paperwork.

You can also protect your pet from getting lost or stolen by only allowing it outside in a secure, fenced area, keeping it on a leash when you go on walks or trips, always locking the car if you take your dog with you, and keep an I.D tag on the collar at all times.

It's also good to have pictures of your dog showing unique markings.   

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